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Japanese food…or should I say sushi is one of my favorite foods of all time.  My friend Peaches has been raving about Wa’s Deluxe Chirashi for ages now and it has taken me this long to go try it.  She advised me to call ahead to ensure it’s availability and indeed they did (in limited quantities I was told) and I immediately made a reservation.  We got there at 5:30pm – after driving through rush hour traffic – yes, it was early but I didn’t want to take a chance on them running out of the one thing I had come to try.  Once we were seated I immediately placed my order.  I think my hubby was still removing his coat – haha.


We started off with the Ika Geso Age $8.00 as an appetizer.  My hubby and I love squid and the best part of this dish was that they just serve the tentacles.  It was tender, slightly crispy and perfect dipped into the soy/mayo sauce.


The Deluxe Chirashi $30.00 was amazing!  No joke, I think it had some of the freshest sashimi I’ve had in Calgary.  The scallop was so sweet and tender I wished there was more.  And, is it just me or does shrimp brains taste amazing?  I love sucking on the shrimp head.  Apparently, you can ask for it to be deep fried which I will do next time.  I loved how they added toppings to the rice (finely shredded egg omelet, pickled radish and masago).


My hubby ordered the Katsudon $14.00 which he happily devoured.  I didn’t taste it but according to him, it was delicious.


He also ordered the Super Tekka Maki 4pcs/$14.00 which consisted of several different types of tuna (White, Red Tuna, Toro & Green Onion).  I didn’t expect a lot from this roll since it consisted of mainly tuna.  But it was surprisingly good as the roll had a very creamy mouth feel.  I would happily order this again.

imageThe service was pretty standard – nothing to rave about.  We were seated in the room off to the side of the restaurant and as a result I did feel that we were neglected at times.  It did not hinder our experience though.  I urge you to come try their Deluxe Chirashi – it’s worth every penny.

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