Sakura Sushi Japan

imageSurprisingly, hubby was the one with the sushi craving this time and since it was a chilly night we didn’t want to drive too far with a baby. We settled on Sakura Sushi Japan. The decor in the restaurant is pretty simple with tables, chairs, a few paintings in the wall and 2 tv screens. I often wonder why so many Asian restaurants have tvs in their restaurants but that’s a whole other discussion. Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by all of it’s staff (2 servers and 2 sushi chefs). There was only one other table that was occupied which I found surprising given a Saturday night. Their menu has the usual offerings including bento boxes and sushi boats, which I haven’t seen in ages.

imageWe ordered the Ika Karaage $5.00 and Seafood Salad $7.00 to start. The Seafood Salad came with an assortment of sashimi on a bed of iceberg lettuce, purple cabbage, red and yellow peppers with dressing on the side. Although the dish was pretty standard I thought this was a good deal given the amount of seafood in it.

imageI found the Ika Karaage to be slightly overcooked as the rings of squid were quite chewy and not as tender as I’d like. I also did not like that it was doused in dressing. I much prefer to have the option of dipping it myself.

imageThe Mango Tango $12.00 was one of the three rolls we had ordered. It’s basically a prawn tempura roll topped with smoked salmon and mango. I found this roll to be poorly executed. The mango did not seem to be quite ripe enough so there wasn’t any of the sweetness and tartness associated with it. The smoked salmon didn’t have any smokiness to it either. I did not enjoy this roll.

imageI found the Spider Roll $12.00 to be a bit dry and lacking in flavor. The soft shell crab was deep fried well but I felt the roll was missing a sauce to bring it all together.

The Rainbow Roll $12.00 was pretty standard but I did find that the pieces of shrimp and fish did not drape around the roll as nicely as it should.

imageI really love scallop and could not resist ordering their Chopped Scallop Sushi $1.50/pc. I really enjoyed this. There was an ample amount of chopped scallop and a steal of a deal at $1.50/pc.

imageI couldn’t help but notice how cheap their Toro Sashimi $10.80/6 pcs was and decided to order it since I haven’t had toro in a while. I have to ration my tuna intake these days since I’m nursing. It was arranged quite nicely when it arrived but once I dug in to take a piece it really showcased how poorly the toro was sliced. Not a single piece of it was sliced whole and there ended up being little bits of toro the size of my thumb nail throughout it. This was extremely disappointing and I would not order this again.

The service was good and the servers took the time to talk to us. It turns out they really love babies and were fawning over ours. They’re a fairly new restaurant and I can see they’re still getting into the groove of things. It’s nice to see that they offer a 10% discount on all take-out orders and there were quite a few of those while we were there. Overall, it’s not bad if you’re in a pinch for sushi but it wouldn’t be my first choice as some dishes were not executed as well as they should have been.

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