Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

I spotted a growing trend in the Calgary restaurant scene recently.  Many of them are now offering a Sunday Supper menu; which is a great way to get diners out on a Sunday night.  Right before Christmas, my friend Peaches and I tried Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and their Sunday Tradition menu.  It’s a set menu offered every Sunday from 5 – 9:30pm for $33.  The menu consists of a starter size harvest salad, 6 oz beef tenderloin with 3 Cajun shrimp, mashed potatoes and broccoli and a chef’s dessert duo.  As many of you know finding parking in the area is not exactly easy but Ruth’s Chris will actually pay for your parking – bonus!  If you dine in the restaurant after 5pm or on the weekends you can park in the Palliser Parkade and they will cover the charge.  It also makes it super easy to access the restaurant as it’s just an elevator ride away.


The ambiance in the restaurant was really nice – quite fitting of a special night out or a romantic dinner.  I think most diners come here for that and the view, admittedly being a born Calgarian I didn’t find that too interesting or maybe it’s because we weren’t really that high up.


They offer complimentary garlic and cheese bread with our meal which was a nice touch.  This was pretty standard and nothing to rave about.  I did find that the garlic toast was a tad dry and could’ve use a bit more butter.


Since we weren’t sure how filling the Sunday Tradition meal would be we decided to order an appetizer to share.  Considering that this is a steakhouse I found their appetizer selection to be unusual.  Most of the items were seafood based with the exception of an onion soup and a lemon thai chicken.  Identity issues?  Perhaps.  But the lemon thai chicken definitely isn’t characteristic of this restaurant’s usual offerings.  This probably should have deterred us from ordering anything, and admittedly I should’ve listened to the voice in my head and passed on the appetizer but alas we didn’t.  The both of us love ahi tuna and decided on the Seared Ahi Tuna $21.  It came in a spirited sauce of ginger, mustard and beer.  This dish was extremely disappointing and I would not order this again.  The crust on the outside of the tuna was overly salty and the spirited sauce completely overpowered the delicate nature of the ahi tuna.


The starter size Harvest Salad was quite a generous serving and was loaded with many ingredients.  The mixed greens were topped with crispy onions, roasted corn, cajun pecans, crumbled bacon, goat cheese and dried cherries in a white balsamic vinaigrette.  If you’re wondering what those 2 black round pieces are in the left side of the dish – those are the dried cherries.  We were both wondering why they weren’t incorporated into the dish.  Perhaps forgotten until the salad was plated?  We’ll never know.


We were cautioned by the server when our 6oz Tenderloin topped with  3 Cajun Shrimp arrived.  He warned that the dish was extremely hot and not to touch it in fear that we would burn ourselves.  We could hear the butter sizzling on the plates and was even hit with the splatter once it was placed in front of us.  Ruth’s is known for topping their steaks with butter and there was a lot of a butter on this dish.  Surprisingly, you can even ask for extra butter (hello, Paula Deen!).  The cajun shrimp were cooked perfectly – succulent and juicy.  The tenderloin was cooked a bit more than to my liking (I asked for rare and it was more medium-rare) but that was partially due to the sizzling hot plate.  It didn’t deter from the taste though as I still found it to be tender and very tasty.


The tenderloin came with a side of Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli.  The mashed potatoes were pretty standard and the broccoli was just simply steamed.


The Chef’s Dessert Duo was a slice of their Chocolate Sin Cake and Fresh Seasonal Berries in a Sweetened Cream Sauce.  The portion size was very generous, almost too much for me.  The cake was heavenly and decadent.  It was the equivalent of eating a mousse-like chocolate bar.  Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the the sweetened cream. It was too sweet for me and there wasn’t enough berries to balance out the sweetness of it.

We had a nice night out and the Sunday Tradition was of great value.  We were treated very well by our server, which was to be expected considering the atmosphere.  He took the time to explain things on the menu and checked up on us frequently.  I’m glad we took this opportunity to try out Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

115 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G 5A6

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