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I bought a voucher for Koto Sushi Lounge a while back and since it was expiring soon we decided it was time to use it.  I made a reservation for the 3 of us and specifically mentioned that we required a high chair as we had a baby with us.  I always like to reserve a high chair just in case the restaurant only has one available.  It’s a shame that more restaurants don’t invest in purchasing more than one high chair for their establishment.  It makes it harder for those with babies to go out for a meal.  We were escorted to our table right after we checked in for our reservation and was seated in a booth in the back corner.  The hostess disappeared once we reached our table.  A few minutes later, our server came by and I asked about getting a high chair for our baby.  The server told us that it was being used by someone else at the moment.  I found that to be rather interesting because no one else in the entire restaurant had a baby with them and I didn’t see a high chair being used by anyone else either.  That’s fine – I wasn’t going to argue with our server so we just made do with it.  Our baby is 9 months old now and is quite active.  He’s can pull himself up while holding onto furniture and loves to climb stairs.  Since he was sitting in the booth with us, we pushed all of the plates, cutlery and glassware away from the edge of the table so it was out of reach for him.  When the server returned with our drinks she pushed everything back so it was sitting right in front of our baby.  Strange.  We had to push everything away again.

After looking through their menu, I noticed that it had a “spicy” theme to it as a large number of items was either served in a spicy sauce or had a spicy topping of some sort.  That didn’t bother us as the both of us love spicy foods but I also find that not all Japanese dishes lends well to spice.  The server returned to take our order and she once again moved all our plates, cutlery and drinks in front of us and well within reach of our baby.  That really annoyed us and I think it’s common sense why we had moved everything away.


The food arrived very quickly and we started off with the Seared Hamachi Carpaccio $13.  The hamachi slices were very thick and seared well.  The flavors of this dish were good but I found that it was drowning in the ponzu sauce and as a result was a tad salty.

imageAs mentioned before, I love scallops and ordered their Creamy Scallop Nigiri $2.60/pc.  A generous portion of the creamy scallop mixture was given but I found that it had an odd sweet aftertaste.  I understand that fresh scallops does have a sweetness to it but this tasted like there was actually sugar added.

imageWe tried the Koto San’s Seared Salmon Roll (middle), Shichimi Spicy Prawn Roll (bottom) and Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll (top).  The Koto San’s Seared Salmon roll was essentially a California roll topped with seared salmon.  It tasted fine but was nothing special.  The Shichimi Spicy Prawn roll was rather disappointing.  The spicy prawn topping had an unappetizing paste like texture and we couldn’t even tell that it consisted of prawns.  In terms of flavor our favorite was the Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll.  The roll was actually spicy, probably from the jalapeno pepper and the flavors were were well balanced.  For the most part we did not enjoy these rolls, mainly because the rice had an awful texture to it.  First of all, the rolls did not hold together well and essentially fell apart once we tried to pick it up with our chopsticks.  The rice was also slightly hard and the grains were too large.  The texture of the rice was so off-putting that it became all we could taste when we ate the rolls.

We sat with the empty dishes at our table for a while before the server cleared our table.  Not once did she ask us how our meal was but when she was clearing our table she asked us if we had enough to eat.  My hubby asked for his water to be refilled and she took his glass away, filled it and returned it.  The both of us thought that was pretty strange as water is usually brought to the table and refilled there.  Overall, I would say this place is a miss.  The food is of poor quality and the service is horrible.  It’s a shame because the ambiance and decor was actually quite nice.

Koto Sushi Lounge

103–435 4th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3A8

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3 thoughts on “Koto Sushi Lounge

  1. I would say they are going downhill. My friends and I don’t like to have lunch there anymore b/c we all think the rice is awful yet the restaurant does jack all about it. It’s also strange how they kept pushing the plates etc. back and forth with you guys – like mind your own business! Did you tell them to leave it alone? Service is also hit and miss.

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