Brasserie Kensington


It’s not often that hubby and I get a chance to go out for a meal on our own without the baby.  Since the opportunity arose this past Sunday we decided to try a place that was not so baby friendly.  The weather was really nice so we took a stroll around Kensington and had a meal at Brasserie Kensington.  I’ve wanted to try this place for a long time especially knowing that they serve a foie gras poutine.  I seem to have this unexplainable infatuation with foie gras.


The Foie Gras Poutine $18 did not disappoint.  The taste of truffle oil immediately permeated my mouth when I had my first bite.  The fries were the excellent and I loved the thin, almost shoe-string, quality of them.  The foie gras added an extra richness to the dish.  I would happily order this again.


The Atlantic Scallops & Crispy Porkbelly $17 was an excellent appetizer choice.  Everyone seems to be jumping on the pork belly wagon these days and we are no exception.  We absolutely love this cut of meat.  The scallops were seared nicely and cooked perfectly.  The pork belly was tender and had that melt-in-your-mouth quality to it.  We did, however, miss the crispy crackling on the pork belly as it was skinless.  The maple parsnip puree and balsamic reduction brought the whole dish together and helped to cut the richness of the pork belly.  This was another well executed dish and I would happily order this again.


My hubby ordered the “Milk Fed” Quebec Veal Burger with their soup of the day, tomato bisque $16.50.  This burger was the juiciest I have ever tasted.  It was messy to eat but Hubby loved every bite.  I couldn’t help but wish that I had ordered it so I was the one with messy hands and burger juice running down my arms.  Hubby is a huge fan of vegetable soups and loved the tomato bisque.


I had their “Driview Farm” Lamb Burger with pork hock soup $16.50.  The lamb burger was decent but the flavors did not stand out to me.  I’m not sure if I enjoyed the combination of blue cheese and lamb either.  On the other hand, the pork hock soup was really good.  Rich, thick and hearty.  I would be happy enjoying a bowl of it all by itself.

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal.  Service was attentive and all of the food arrived at a steady pace.  There was an altercation that broke out with the manager and an ex-employee while we were dining there.  We were seated quite far away from the scene and it didn’t affect our experience but it was still nice that they had apologized for it.  We were too full to have any dessert this time but I am looking forward to returning and trying their foie gras, caramel and sea salt ice cream.

Brasserie Kensington

1131 Kensington Rd NW
Calgary, AB T2N 4P4

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