Pizza Box


Last October, we discovered this new pizza place in the neighborhood and we instantly fell in love with it.  It has some of the best take-out and/or delivery pizza in the city.  Their pizza dough is made fresh everyday and all of their pizzas are topped with fresh ingredients.  The staff is super friendly whenever we pick up or call for delivery.  They also often have deals where you can choose any size specialty pizza for $13.


We’ve tried a selection of their specialty pizzas but we always go back to ordering our 2 favorites.  One of them is the Hangover, Large $15.95.  It’s filled with ham, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, olives and onions.  Usually with this many ingredients on a pizza, it ends up being soggy or just too heavy.  Not this one.  It has a perfect blend of sauce, toppings and cheese.  The crust is light and crispy – not greasy or heavy.


Our other favorite is the Tandoori Chicken, Large $15.95.  It’s filled with tandoori chicken, green peppers, mushrooms, and onions.  This is an excellent fusion pizza that works.  Their tandoori chicken is perfectly spiced and pairs really well with the rest of the ingredients.  I have to say this one is my favorite.


Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m showing you a picture of our half eaten pizza.   No, it’s not to show you how much we managed to consumed in one sitting.  One of the reasons why we love their pizzas so much is that there isn’t a pool of grease on the bottom of the box unlike some other pizza joints.  I don’t even feel like a grease ball after consuming 3 slices and I have to say that’s pretty amazing.

Pizza Box

128, 40 Country Hills Landing
Calgary, AB T3K 5P4

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