Calypso’s Taverna


As a family we really enjoy Greek cuisine and Mediterranean flavors.  It really shouldn’t be a surprise though as hubby loves lamb. Our favorite Greek restaurant in Calgary is a small family-owned place called Calypso’s Taverna. It’s part of a strip mall on Centre Street and admittedly not much to look at from the outside but this Restaurant serves up some amazingly delicious and authentic Greek dishes.


One of the appetizers that we always order are the Greek Style Ribs ($10). These are charbroiled with lemon and oregano and are super tasty. We love the char on these and the flavors are spot on! A squirt of lemon really brightens up the whole dish.


Hubby wanted to order the calamari for our second appetizer but I suggested that we try the Stuffed Calamari ($10) instead. This is a whole calamari stuffed with lean ground chicken, pine nuts, leeks and served in a cayenne champagne sauce. This dish was really good – the squid was cooked perfectly, the stuffing was light and we enjoyed the slight crunch from the pine nuts. The cayenne champagne sauce was a nice accompaniment and would’ve tasted wonderful over plain rice.


All of their entrees are served with your choice of Greek salad, Caesar salad or soup. The both of us went with the Greek salad which comes with a huge slab of feta cheese. I was busy feeding our son and forgot to take a picture before I dug in.


I always order the Moussaka ($18) every time I dine here. I know I should try something new but I really love their Moussaka and it’s the thing I crave most. Moussaka is layers of grilled eggplant, zucchini and sliced potatoes layered with meat sauce and topped with bechamel. Calypso’s is the best that I’ve tasted and has the perfect blend of ingredients. Their entrees also come with a side of rice, vegetables and potatoes which makes for a really large portion. Usually I can only finish half of it and get the rest packed up. The moussaka tastes just as good reheated the next day, if not better.


Hubby ordered the Kleftiko ($19) which is a slow roasted lamb and he absolutely loved it. I didn’t taste his dish but according to him, the lamb was ‘fall off the bone’ tender except there wasn’t any bones to contend with. He managed to finish his entire plate and was stuffed beyond belief.


Just as we finished our meals, one of the owners stopped by our table and mentioned that they have a belly dancer showing up in 5-10 minutes and asked if we’d like to stay. She thought that our little one would love it and indeed he did. He was mesmerized and could not take his eyes off of her (pretty girl dancing and shaking her hips – who can?).

We had an excellent meal and really loved the atmosphere.  Everything on the menu is super reasonably priced for very decent portions – you definitely won’t leave hungry.  Service was superb and and everyone was really friendly and attentive.  They’re also really baby/kid friendly so it’s a great choice for families looking for a night out.

Calypso’s Taverna

2101 Centre Street NW
Calgary, AB

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