Brava Bistro


I immediately think of their famous lobster poutine whenever Brava Bistro is mentioned. It really shouldn’t be a surprise considering that they won best poutine in the 2012 Poutine Crawl. Yet, all this time and I haven’t even tried it. Well, that all changed when hubby and I headed here for dinner last Saturday.

We opted for an early dinner and arrived to a mostly empty restaurant with the exception of a few tables. They were awesome with accommodating a toddler and thankfully have high chairs. All of the staff were so friendly and welcoming; they even offered to give my toddler toys to play with which we kindly declined because he’d most likely just throw them all over the floor.


Complimentary bread and butter was brought to our table while we waited for our food. The bread was fresh and soft.


We started out with their famous Lobster Poutine ($16) and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was despite being so different from your average poutine. The fries were done really well and I always have a soft spot for shoestring fries. At first I wasn’t sure about the shellfish butter sauce but it grew on me and I enjoyed the lightness of the dish if you can call poutine light. I wished there were larger chunks of lobster but given the price point I can’t really complain too much.


Hubby decided to go with one of the features which was a Striploin ($30) served with pomme frites and a Mediterranean salad. The steak was cooked just a tad over medium rare but still good. The Mediterranean salad was refreshing but hubby didn’t like the cheese in it; he thought it was too strong. I tasted it and thought it was fine but I’m more of a cheese fan than he is. The pomme frites were crispy and hard to resist.


I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I had their Feature Salad ($15) which consisted of arugula, spinach, chicken, cucumber, chick peas, crispy artichoke in a Mediterranean dressing. I really enjoyed the salad; it wasn’t heavy or a very large portion but was still pretty filling.

The restaurant was filling up halfway through our meal and had a very lively atmosphere. The service was attentive and we felt welcomed and comfortable dining there with a toddler. You’ll definitely want to try their lobster poutine if you haven’t already.

Brava Bistro

723 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB

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