Hubby wanted to head out for breakfast one Saturday and originally wanted to go to OEB Breakfast Co. I warned him about the ridiculously long wait times and suggested Cucina instead since I’ve been dying to try their brunch menu ever since I had dinner here. He insisted on swinging by OEB first to see what the wait was and was told an hour so we headed down to Cucina. We were seated immediately upon arriving and quickly decided what we wanted to order.


Hubby ordered coffee and the server dropped off this pretty little sugar bowl. He’s a fan of Phil and Sebastian’s Coffee so he quite enjoyed the brew.


We started with the Ricotta Fritters ($6). These were deep fried to order and served with an apricot jam. I took one bite and immediately fell in love with them. They were light, fluffy and had that melt-in-your mouth quality to it. They are seriously the best fritters I’ve ever had and I could’ve easily polished off the entire serving. Very dangerous!


Hubby ordered the Feature Benedict which was a take on Chicken and Waffles ($18). This was an extremely well done eggs benedict. The waffles were light and fluffy, the chicken well seasoned, the eggs cooked to a perfect soft stage and the hollandaise sauce was to die for. Hubby couldn’t stop raving about this dish and I couldn’t help wishing that I had ordered it instead.


I had the Cucina Skillet ($17) with sunny side eggs, pulled short rib, crispy gnocchi, roasted squash and arugula. This dish was also really good; the short rib was very tender and flavorful, the gnocchi was tender, crispy and perfectly al dente and the squash was toothsome and not mushy. I loved cracking the sunny side eggs over everything and drowning it in the egg yolks. This dish was on the rich side so by the end of it I was super stuffed.

We really enjoyed brunch here and I think we’ll be heading down more often seeing as the food is absolutely fantastic. Service was also attentive and everyone was friendly. We were surprised when the bill arrived that they didn’t charge us for coffee. What a nice gesture!  And, a side note to the moms and dads out there, they don’t have high chairs so if you’re planning on dining with your little one they’ll have to sit in your lap.


I decided to stop over at their grab and go counter before heading out and picked up a Lemon Saskatoon Ricotta Muffin ($3). The muffin was fantastic – I just love it when the entire muffin has that crusty muffin top texture and the inside is fluffy. The lemon really shined and the Saskatoon berries were plump.


515 8th Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2P 1E3

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