Hong Kong Noodle House

This is the third post of our trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. Others include Teddy’s Bigger Burgers and Yoshitsune.

We made a quick stop in Chinatown while we were in Honolulu and I say quick because Chinatown isn’t very big. It consists mostly of restaurants, a few grocery stores and few stores selling knick knacks. We were wandering around sipping on our durian bubble tea from Chau’s Fresh Fruit and snacking on a BBQ pork manapua and custard tart from Lee’s Bakery & Kitchen when we decided to stop for lunch.

There were many choices and originally I wanted have dim sum but hubby wasn’t feeling too hungry after his snacks so we settled on Hong Kong Noodle House. This is your typical mom and pop restaurant and they’ve actually been open since 1977 and still serving the original menu.


We started with the Pan Fried Siu Gow ($4). These were only ok. I didn’t find that they were pan fried well and the filling was a bit too dense and not juicy enough.


I had the Tossed noodles with Roast Duck ($6). The noodles were al dente and had a nice chewy texture. The noodles were probably one of the best I’ve had in terms of their chewy texture. The duck was good and the skin was crispy but not the best I’ve had.


The tossed noodles comes accompanied with a light broth. I had a few sips and found it to be well seasoned but I don’t like to dip my noodles in it as I find it defeats the purpose of eating tossed noodles.


Hubby had the Look Fun with Stewed Beef ($5.50). He loves stewed beef so naturally he enjoyed this noodle bowl. It was quite a large portion given the price point as well.


We also ordered a side dish of Choy Sum with Oyster Sauce ($3). These were just your standard vegetables dressed in oyster sauce.

We had a quick and decent lunch here. The place is quite busy and seems to be a local favorite. While we were there many regular customers came in and the servers knew their orders off by heart. Surprisingly, when our server found out that we were from Calgary she knew exactly where it was as she had been on a ski vacation in Banff and Lake Louise not too long ago. What a small world.

Hong Kong Noodle House

100 N Beretania St
Honolulu, HI 96817

Hong Kong Noodle House on Urbanspoon


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