Kyung’s Seafood

This is the fourth post in our trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. Others included, Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, Yoshitsune and Hong Kong Noodle House.

Who can visit Hawaii without consuming some sort of poke? Unfortunately for me I was nursing at that time so I really had to watch my tuna intake. It was a real shame as the tuna there is so fresh. I would’ve loved to consume an unlimited amount of ahi poke – oh well, there’s always next time. So instead I did my research ahead of time so I could find out where the best and freshest poke was served and made it a point to eat there.

That brought us to Kyung Seafood which is a local favorite for poke. It was quiet when we arrived for lunch as prime lunch time had passed and there were only 3 other occupied tables.  Once we were seated I got up to browse through the various types of poke in their refrigerator case. Everything looked so good and fresh. When I returned to my seat, one of the locals shouted out that the hot shoyu poke is the best in town. Haha thanks for the tip! I was actually planning on ordering that too!

The owner of Kyung Seafood is Korean so they serve an extensive list of Korean dishes along with some of the freshest poke in Waikiki. The owner prides herself in only serving the freshest seafood and actually heads down to the fish market every morning to carefully pick and choose her seafood for the day.


Since we were there for lunch, we couldn’t order off of the dinner menu but they did have lots of lunch combo plates to choose from. Hubby went with the Kalbi and Poke Combo ($13.95) and chose a top shell poke for his plate. He loved every single thing on his plate and devoured it in no time.


I ordered the same lunch combo plate except I chose to have half of the hot shoyu poke and half of the abalone poke. The poke was amazingly good and fresh! I still think about it to this day and wish I could have some right now. The hot shoyu poke was excellent – the hot shoyu sauce was just enough to coat the ahi and had a nice kick to it. The abalone poke was also really good and I was surprised that it had a crunchy crisp texture. The kalbi ribs were cooked well and had an excellent balance of flavor. The cold marinated cucumbers were a welcoming addition to the palate and helped cleanse the palate. The macaroni salad was seasoned well and I was glad it wasn’t laden with mayo.

We really enjoyed our lunch plates and would be happy to return again – next time for dinner though so we can try more of their Korean dishes.

Kyung’s Seafood

1269 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96814

Kyung's Seafood on Urbanspoon


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