Diner Deluxe & Fiasco Gelato


We were trying to decide what to have for dinner one Friday and Hubby wanted either Vietnamese, Chinese or a burger so we took a gander at Urbanspoon and settled on Diner Deluxe. Neither of us have been to this Calgary institution before but we knew that they’re usually crazy busy for breakfast with waits up to an hour or more. Since we weren’t sure what it would be like for dinner we decided it would be best to get there early. We arrived just after 5:30pm to a mostly empty restaurant – whoo-hoo – no wait!

I knew that Hubby wanted to have a burger but I just couldn’t decide on what I wanted. Their lamb shank sounded really good but it was hot out and I wasn’t in the mood for something braised. Some of their breakfast items were appealing but I had eggs for breakfast every day that week so I wasn’t in the mood for that either. I know, I know – picky! So finally, I just settled on having a burger as well.


The Bridgeland Burger is just a classic bacon cheeseburger. It was alright – flavors were good, patty was moist and I enjoyed the smokiness and crunch from the bacon. However, this was definitely more of a clean tasting ‘healthier’ burger – not the large messy gooey burgers I love. I wished the patty itself was larger as it was quite small compared to the size of the bun. I have to say that’s one of my pet peeves. When it comes to burgers I feel the patty to bun ratio is extremely important. I absolutely hate taking my first bite only to be met with bun and condiments. I decided to pay an extra $2 for their yam wedges since I’m a huge fan of yam fries. However, these yam wedges fell short of my expectations. They were completely burnt on one side and were very soft and mushy. I did not enjoy these at all – even my toddler wouldn’t touch them.


Hubby had the Rangeland Burger which was a buffalo burger topped with caramelized onions and Havarti cheese. He felt it was decent but not spectacular. He was craving more of a rustic messy burger that day. He ordered that with a salad and thought it was pretty ordinary – packaged greens with a slice of red onion on top. We both felt that their burgers missed the mark – we’ve definitely had much better burgers elsewhere.


My toddler had his first restaurant meal of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Roasted Potatoes. To my surprise, he actually ate the entire sandwich himself. That’s quite a feat in my books considering that he’s never consumed more than one piece of toast. He didn’t like the roasted potatoes though so hubby and I ate them. They were disappointing as they were quite soft and bland. I was really expecting well seasoned crispy roasted potatoes. The sandwich also came with a couple of pickles which is great if you have an older child but for young ones I thought a piece of fruit would’ve been nice.


This place gives off a laid back retro diner atmosphere. It wasn’t terribly busy during dinner so next time I feel like having breakfast for dinner I’ll head here to try some of those menu items. The service was average and nothing particularly stood out other than the fact that she offered crayons and a coloring page to my toddler to keep him busy.

Diner Deluxe

804 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB T2E 3J6

Diner Deluxe on Urbanspoon


We decided to stop over at Fiasco Gelato (just opened next door to Diner Deluxe) for dessert. It was really hard trying to choose a flavor and I ended up sampling almost every one of them (haha – whoops!) but the Blood Orange Gelato was too good to pass up so I went with a scoop of that. It was really nice, orangey and not overly sweet. It was the perfect end to my meal.


Hubby decided to splurge and go for the Peach Bellini Milkshake which he ended up sharing with our toddler. Hubby really liked it and thought the peach flavor was quite pronounced but was super stuffed after. I see that they’ll have wood fired pizzas in the near future and am really looking forward to trying those.

Fiasco Gelato

802 Edmonton Trail Northeast
Calgary, AB T2E 3J6

Fiasco Gelato on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “Diner Deluxe & Fiasco Gelato

  1. I went to try the blood orange creamsicle gelato and it did not disappoint! I absolutely hate the cup they use though – need something with a bigger rim since that stuff melts so fast!

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