Gaga Pizzeria

Hubby came home one one day telling me that his foodie coworker friend, Lianne, was raving about this pizza place in the beltline area and claimed that we needed to try it ASAP.  We’ve dined with Lianne before so I trust her opinion and a quick search on Urbanspoon revealed some pretty steller reviews so I was sold.  I picked hubby up from work one day and it was still pretty early in the afternoon – we wanted to avoid getting caught in rush hour traffic (ugh!).


We walked in and was immediately greeted by one of the owners – Chef’s Gaga’s husband and was offered wafer cookies to snack on.  He was super friendly and since it  was our first time there we asked him what he recommended.  He was super helpful in asking questions about what we liked and if we would be having something to drink with our meal.  He recommended the Signora Gaga to us – mozzarella, spinach, olives, prosciutto, figs and bococcini.  I was pretty much sold when he mentioned figs since I love them in all forms.  So we ordered that and a Mafioza – mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, capicola, garlic, hot peppers and oregano.  We were told that it would take him about 7 minutes to make the pizzas.  Fine with me as I wanted to browse through their grocery area anyways.  Yes, this place actually has a tiny area with a few shelves filled with unique grocery items. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for foodstuff.


I noticed some neat things and pointed them out to hubby – apricot and rose hip jam, Italian nutella, vegetable spreads, cookies, chocolates, etc.  All for very reasonable prices too!  I wondered what to do with the vegetable spread – does it taste like salsa or bruschetta?  Chef Gaga appeared and we asked her about the apricot jam and vegetable spread.  She immediately mentioned that she had some open and offered us samples.  The apricot jam was so good – filled with chunks of apricots and not overly sweet either. I could see myself using that jam to make rugelach during the holidays.  I wanted to buy a jar but we just brought home various jams and jellies from Hawaii that I haven’t even touched.  Er – better wait on that.  But I could not pass on the vegetable spread.  It was chunky, peppery and oh so good.  Chef Gaga told us it would be great as part of an antipasto plate with cheese and crackers, spread on bread, stirred into pastas and soups.  Basically, endless possibilities!


Vegetable Spread


The Signora Gaga $18 was amazing – a life changer when it comes to thin crust pizzas.  We loved the combination of all the ingredients and really really loved the addition of the figs since they paired so well with the salty prosciutto.  No wonder it’s their most popular pizza.


The Mafioza $18 was also superb.  Great combination of ingredients and it had a nice kick from the hot peppers and capicola.


Drinks (left), Sandwiches and pastries (right)

Gaga Pizzeria is a real gem in the beltline area.  They only use organic flour for their pizza crusts and you have a choice between white or whole wheat.  They also serve an assortment of sandwiches, meat pastries like burek, soups and even sweet pizzas!  For those lucky folks that work downtown they also provide catering.

Chef Safeta Zeljic and her husband are both super friendly and really personable too.  They believe that good food is the key to happiness so their goal is to ensure everyone who takes a bite of their pizza is happy.  What a great motto to follow!  Pizzeria Gaga comes from the nickname given to Chef Safeta Zeljic by her husband. It started out as draga (darling) and over time became Gaga.  I urge you to check out this place soon because you too will be happy when you try their mouth watering pizzas.

Gaga Pizzeria

1236 12 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T3C 1A7

GAGA Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


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