Korean Fried Chicken Showdown

I have a soft spot for fried chicken and unfortunately Calgary is not one of those places that has amazing fried chicken.  I absolutely cannot stand KFC and Chicken on the Way is just too greasy for my liking.  This is where Korean Fried Chicken has saved me.  Korean Fried Chicken has been taking the world by storm with it’s amazingly crispy, crackly, and crunchy skin which… honestly is the best part.


A few months ago, I tried Olive Chicken and due to the rave reviews and high ratings I had very high expectations going in.  I tried the 3 piece combo ($6.99) which consisted of three pieces of chicken, fries and a pop/water.  Taste wise, I felt they fell short of what I was expecting.  Although the chicken was extremely crispy, I was quite disappointed to find that there was very little seasoning on the chicken itself.  I could barely taste simple salt and pepper.  Their fries were decent and I liked that they provided a large container of the pickled radishes.  They were fantastic at cutting through the grease.  Olive Chicken also has a sweet and spicy version that’s dressed in a sweet and mildly spicy sauce similar to that of the bottled Thai Chili sauce.

Olive Chicken

1324 10 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T3C 0J2

Olive Chicken on Urbanspoon


Recently, my brother and his girlfriend were over for a visit and were planning on picking up some fried chicken on their way home for dinner.  They were telling me about this place in Airdrie called Yum Yum Chicken and BBQ and I was thrilled to find out there was another Korean Fried Chicken place relatively close to Calgary.  He recommended the Hot Fried and Shallot Fried Chicken and that’s exactly what we tried.  Since it takes them about 20-30 minutes to cook the chicken, we called ahead and placed our order for take-out before heading down there. The Hot Fried (half chicken $9.50 ) was outstanding and out-of-this-world crispy.  It actually had a nice kick to it.  This was definitely my favorite and I just could not stop eating it!


The Shallot (half chicken $9.99) was also good – mildly spiced with a hint of sweetness.  My only beef is that some of the boneless breast pieces were a tad on the dry side.  This is officially my go-to place for fried chicken now.  They also offer 2 other flavors, Yum Yum (which is doused in a sweet and mildly spiced sauce) and Fried (which is plain old fried chicken).

So I think it’s quite obvious that the best Korean Fried Chicken goes to Yum Yum Chicken and BBQ for their well-seasoned gloriously crispy Hot Fried flavor.  They’re well worth the trek out to Airdrie.

Yum Yum Chicken & BBQ Korean Cuisine

3 Stonegate Dr NW
Airdrie, AB T4B 0N2

Yum Yum Chicken & BBQ Korean Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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