Open Range


We were trying to decide last minute where to have dinner on a Friday night.  It was 6pm so right dab in the middle of prime dinner time and we were still searching for a place.  Considering that it was a Friday night, we figured most places were already booked and our suspicions were confirmed after we made a few calls.  Since we recently had brunch at Big Fish hubby asked if their dinner menu was any good.  I was surprised since he’s not much of a seafood person so he took a look through the menu and decided it wasn’t for him.  That’s when Open Range came to mind and he agreed.  Open Range is known for their diverse selection of meat dishes so this certainly met Hubby’s criteria.

I had dinner at Open Range a couple of years back and enjoyed my meal there so this was the perfect opportunity for me to try more of their menu items.  I like the atmosphere of the restaurant itself – relaxed and cozy yet they serve food that would normally be served at a higher end restaurant.  The best part is that they’re baby friendly so we didn’t have to worry about him making too noise and being a nuisance to other patrons.


Since I wasn’t terribly hungry that day we decided to split an appetizer and get our own mains.  We settled for the Chili Baby Back Ribs ($13) and loved every bite.  The ribs were tender, sweet, salty, smoky and we could tell there was a nice spice rub on there.


I had the Apricot Glazed Boar Rack with Stuffed Pork Belly ($36).  The boar rack was cooked perfectly – moist and seared very well.  The apricot glaze was the perfect accompaniment.  The stuffed pork belly was roasted well – the skin was crispy and the meat was also moist and tender.  I did find the mushroom stuffing to be unnecessary though.  The green beans could’ve been a tad more tender – they were still quite raw.


Hubby went with the NY Striploin with Chimmichurri sauce ($34).  It was cooked to his liking and he really enjoyed this dish.  I had a taste and found that the steak was tender and the chimmichurri sauce was fresh and vibrant.

The service was attentive but not overpowering and they always cleared our dishes in a timely manner.  We were too stuffed to have dessert that night but will definitely be back when the mood for a meat heavy dinner strikes.

 Open Range

1114 Edmonton Trl NE
Calgary, AB T2E 0Z2

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