Long’s Chinese Food

Peaches and I were debating on whether to have ramen for lunch or go to Long’s and we both decided we wanted to spicy food.  None of the staff here speak English but thankfully we were able to skate by since Peaches was able to speak some Mandarin and communicate with the server.  Upon stepping foot in the restaurant, I immediately noticed how cold it was in there and Peaches commented on that too.  But it’s definitely for the best because once you start eating spicy food, your body warms up and you wouldn’t want to be uncomfortably hot and sweaty.


We started off with the complimentary spicy pickles and these were perfect for whetting the appetite.  The pickles were spicy and sour and had that numbing affect from the Szechuan peppercorns. I was tempted to ask for another serving.


The Cold Spicy Jelly Bean Curd Noodles ($8.95) arrived shortly thereafter.  Initially, I thought the dish was on the sweet side but it got spicier as we continued to eat it.  I wished the noodles were firmer though as they were a tad too soft for my liking. Overall, flavors were great – spicy, sweet, salty and a tad vinegary.


I really wanted to try the Deep Fried Chicken with Chili Peppers ($15.95) and convinced Peaches to do so even though she can’t handle as much heat as I can.  All I can say is WOW!  This was definitely my favorite dish!  The chicken was incredibly flavorful, well seasoned and fried to a nice crisp.  I’ve tried this dish before at Szechuan Restaurant but was less than impressed as the chicken was flavorless and not even spicy.  Now I finally understand why this dish is made with bone-in chicken pieces.  The bone-in pieces really add extra flavor that you wouldn’t get with boneless pieces.  What was really interesting were the pieces of biscuits throughout it.  I assume they’re put into the dish to break up the heat and I can’t put a finger on whether I like them or not.  This dish was spicy but not as bad as you think because it’s more of a numbing spice.  I am completely and utterly addicted to this dish and cannot stop thinking about it to this day.


The Eggplant in Soya Sauce(?) ($11.95) was another winner.  The problem is I’m assuming we ordered the Eggplant in Soy Sauce and not Garlic because the translation in English does not match the Chinese description at all.  This eggplant dish is cooked in a sweet bean sauce and was perfect eaten with rice.  The eggplant was tender and creamy and soaked up the sauce.  I will definitely be ordering this again.


We found the Steamed Sliced Pork Belly ($13.95) to be a bit disappointing considering how flavorful the other dishes were.  The dish was really salty and the flavor was a bit one dimensional.  I couldn’t even taste the sweetness from the mui choy.  The pork belly was cooked well and was tender and the broccoli was also steamed to perfection.

We really enjoyed our meal here and I’m already trying to think of when I can come back to try more dishes. If you enjoy spicy food then be sure to check them out.

 Long’s Chinese Food

1448 17 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, AB T2T 0C8

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