Sushi Bistro Anzu

Do you ever have instances where your eyes are bigger than your stomach? It happens to me a lot especially if I want to try multiple items on a menu. Recently, I had lunch at Sushi Bistro Anzu and that’s precisely what happened. Halfway through the meal and I already felt all the food settling in my stomach and that feeling of a satisfied tummy setting in. However, being a true foodie I powered through and finished the meal. After all, Japanese is my favorite and I just can’t let all this food go to waste. 

The aji (horse mackerel) fry was just delightful. It was crispy with a light crunchy coating and the aji was cooked perfectly. It came with a worchestershire dipping sauce which was perfect to cut the richness. 

I’ve never had stingray before so this dish of roasted stingray fin immediately appealed to me. I loved the charred roasted pieces because they were so flavorful and savory. When it first arrived at the table, the pieces were warm and had a slight crunch to them. Once cooled, it was much chewier and tasted quite similar to the Asian squid jerky snack. I definitely preferred them when they were warm so if you do order this dish then eat them when they’re still hot. 

For a foodie, the lunch bento box is like a dream come true allowing me to try a variety of items without having to order full sized portions of everything. This lunch set included grilled mackerel, assorted tempura, 4 pieces of sashimi, salad, side dish, miso soup and rice. Honestly, a steal at $13.95 considering how filling it is. They have a variety of different lunch sets but the grilled mackerel always calls my name everytime. 

I find the food at Sushi Bistro Anzu to be very enjoyable and their lunch sets to be of an amazing value. The quality is outstanding and you will no doubt leave satisfied with a full belly. Have you tried them before? What’s your favorite menu item? I would love to hear your feedback and perhaps try out some of your favorite menu items next time. 

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