Azzurri Pizzeria 

It’s been a while since I’ve had pizza so good and mind blowing that I actually want to share it wih the entire world. I haven’t had a chance to visit Italy yet although it most certainly is on my bucket list. I would love to do a whole tour of that region with my kids once they’re old enough to enjoy it and walk for extended periods without complaining. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy every moment of their life now but I’m also looking forward to what the future has to offer. 

It’s been a tradition for my hubby and son to attend the Calgary Expo Parade of Wonders every year. This year my little one dressed up as Captain America and was beyond excited for the event. According to my hubby, there was a huge turn out this year. I guess my little one was so in awe of all the superheroes he went from being shy to running up to the various characters asking for a picture with them. 

My daughter and I met them for lunch after at Azzurri Pizzeria on Edmonton trail. This hidden gem is a small but quaint little place. It was fairly quiet when we arrived for lunch. There were three other tables that were occupied. Although if you’re planning on visiting for dinner, I highly recommend that you make reservations because I hear they fill up very quickly. 

As we were waiting for our pizzas to arrive, my son noticed the chef by the brick oven tossing dough into the air. He asked what he was doing and was quite interested in the whole process. We’ve made pizza together at home but this was definitely a different experience for him watching a true Italian chef make it.

The Forza Azzurri arrived first. This is a white pizza which means you won’t see any tomato sauce on it. Instead, its topped off with homemade spicy Innis and Gunn sausages, rapini, their own blend of herbs and spices and mozzarella cheese. The sausages offer a nice kick paired with the rapini but was too spicy for my son. My hubby really enjoyed this one. 

The 10 has San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella fior di latte, proscuitto di Parma, arugula, cherry tomatoes, parmigiano reggiano and evoo. Now, this is my type of pizza with all those fresh toppings. My son really enjoyed this one. He even mentioned how sweet the tomatoes are and he’s not the tomato loving type. 

The thing that stood out for both of these pizzas was the crust. Oh, the glorious charred, light, thin and crispy crust. The dough is made from caputo “OO” flour, hand stretched and cooked in their 900 degree brick oven from Naples. This is the real deal, folks. I could probably eat an entire pie myself and not feel heavy and bloated after. 

I’ve heard fantastic things about Mama Terry Ricioppo’s house made desserts and leaped at the chance to try her tiramisu. I’m always leary of those tiramisu that are too sweet. To me, it should always have a bitter edge from the espresso and cocoa powder to offset the creaminess. Mama Terry Ricioppo’s was simply delightful. It was not too sweet, yet was creamy and luscious with a slight bitterness. Listen to me when I say you won’t want to share this one. I probably could’ve had a second piece and not even feel guilty about it.

We had a nice family lunch here and I would not hesitate to return. The pizza here is memorable and in my books definitely worth trying. Besides, I’m all for supporting local family run restaurants. I always find we have too many chain eateries in Calgary. We need more of these family run restaurants so the art of cookery and sharing family recipes, cusisines is not lost. 

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