Ten Foot Henry

The Calgary dining scene like any other is forever changing. For quite some time now I’ve noticed a shift towards small/big plate and shared family style dining. Honestly, for a foodie like myself I love it. It means that I get to try multiple items on a menu and it fulfills the “my eyes are bigger than my stomach” syndrome. If that’s even a thing.

But seriously, is there anything better than sharing food? Not in my books. Friendships are made and laughs shared over food. I love it.

We celebrated a friend’s birthday at Ten Foot Henry and I’m so glad she picked this place because it has easily become one of my favorite restaurants in the city now. We started off with this lovely Roasted Carrot dish with avocado, pea shoots and pistachios. The dish was excellent with a nice combination of flavors and textures.

I’m not gonna lie. Whenever I see Asian ingredients incorporated in a menu I start to get worried. Most of the time it’s either a hit or a miss for me. This Pan Roasted Gai Lan dish was amazing though and my worries faded away. The tahini miso sauce paired perfectly with the slight bitterness of the gai lan while the fried shiitake mushrooms added a nice textural contrast and even more umaminess to the dish. This dish is a must try in my books.

The Whole Roasted Beets were done well and the dill added an interesting element to the dish. It was cooked well but not my favorite.

I always have a special place in my heart (or is it stomach, ha!) for pasta. Probably because it resembles Asian noodles so much and it’s the ultimate comfort food for me. The Caico e Pepe Bucatini was impeccable. The al dente pasta was perfectly coated with pecorino and black pepper. I’m afraid I might have been able to polish off the entire dish myself if we weren’t sharing. So good!

The Spaghetti Pomodoro was another splendid dish. Light tomato sauce with a hint of spice. It provided a nice contrast to the creamy and cheesiness of the Cacio e Pepe.

The Adobo Chicken was incredibly flavorful and  tender, literally fall of the bone. Oh, and the sauce…sublime. This is a dish that you want to eat with a bowl of rice to mop up all that sauce. Delicious!

Now that’s a beautiful dish there with the pink steak against those bright greens. The Chargrilled Hanger Steak was another well executed dish. I like my steak rare and this was perfect. The truffle Dijon sauce helped to cut the richness of the meat. The real winner of this dish for me were the grilled mustard greens. I’ve never had mustard greens grilled before and it blew my mind. Growing up, my mom always just stir fried it or put it in soup. I love that slight bitterness of mustard greens. Let me tell you, I’m going to start grilling my mustard greens from now on. Utterly amazing and superb!

We were beyond stuffed at this point but it was a birthday celebration after all and you really can’t go without dessert. We decided to share the Avocado Chocolate Torte. The avocado chocolate filling was smooth and not too sweet. The raw crust wasn’t really to my liking however. It reminded me of an eat more chocolate bar crossed with a larabar. I guess this dessert was just too “healthy” for my liking. I think next time I’ll try the coconut cake or the butterscotch pudding.

We really enjoyed our meal here and it was thumbs up all around. If there’s one thing Ten Foot Henry does well is cook vegetables and showcase them in new and unique ways. This is an excellent place to bring vegetarians. I’m already counting down the days to my next visit. For any parents out there, kids are welcomed here and they have at least one high chair. However, they cannot accommodate parties larger than eight.

Dutchmen Dairy Chocolate Milk 

I’m not a huge dairy milk drinker. I’ll have it in my coffee and tea but by itself I don’t even think I drink a glass of it a year. However, that all changes when it comes to the stuff from Dutchmen Dairy. Their chocolate milk is unlike any other. It’s so creamy, silky and not overly sweet. There’s just enough chocolate flavor to round it out. I just can’t get enough of this stuff. Simply amazing and delicious! Seriously, what do they feed their cows?

Lobster Meal Ideas

Every year around Father’s Day there’s a fellow in Calgary that ships in fresh Alantic lobsters for sale with proceeds going towards a charity. This year, proceeds went towards The Calgary Humane Society. I’m always on the lookout for different ways to serve lobsters aside from eating them boiled and dipped in butter. Last year, I made lobster rolls and two types of Chinese style dishes. One was lobster stir fried with green onion and ginger and the other was lobster in a creamy sauce served over noodles. It was great but I was looking for something different this year. 

This year, I used them in three different dishes again. The first was your typical surf and turf meal. Pan seared rib eye with roasted asparagus, buttered lobster and lobster tomalley toast. Do you eat the tomalley in the lobster? I love it but it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s definitely quite high in cholesterol. I toasted some french bread, buttered it and spreaded on the cooked tomalley. Yum! This dish was hubbys favorite. 

The second was lobster eggs benedict and it was my favorite out of the three. It was really good and I think my favorite variation on eggs benedict that I’ve made between crab cake, smoked duck breast and prosciutto. The sweet and buttery lobster was fantastic with the poached eggs and lemony hollandaise sauce. I served with a lightly dressed arugula salad to cut the richness of the eggs benedict. 

Lastly, I made sushi with the lobster meat. Lobster, crab meat salad, masago, cucumber and avocado. It was excellent and a favorite with my son. He scarfed it down. 

So what are your favorite lobster dishes? I’d love to hear from you! 

Fever-Tree Premium Ginger Ale 

I’m not a huge soda person as I find them too sweet for my liking. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with making my own flavored syrups to mix with club soda or carbonated spring water. So far my strawberry rhubarb and ginger syups have turned out fantastic and I’m looking forward to trying more flavor combinations throughout the summer. 

My friend recommended Fever-Tree’s Ginger Ale to me claiming that it was really good despite the higher price tag. I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. It was truly excellent. Refreshing, bright, clean flavors and unlike the mass marketed ginger ales out there. It’s no wonder considering there’s no artificial flavors, sweeteners and preservatives in it. I’m a huge fan of ginger and thankfully this has a distinctive ginger taste. Absolutely delicious! 

Haitai Calbee Honey Butter Chips 

Listen here, I’m not the type to boast about products but I recently discovered these honey butter chips at my local Korean grocery store, Emart, and I am in love. Like lovey dovey head spinning, can’t see straight love. They are just simply delectable. Thinly sliced potato chips covered in this sweet and savory honey butter flavoring. My mouth is literally drooling just talking about them. They are just amazing and so so good. Seriously life changing! I’ll never look at a potato chip the same way again. 


I’m always a sucker for crispy deep fried foods. I mean who isn’t? When Katsuten popped up on my radar I was just counting the days until I tried it. You can count me in for crispy crunchy pork loin anyday.

“Mom, what should we order? I’m hungry.” “Don’t worry, sweetie. I already know.” I was watching a Hong Kong food show not too long ago where a group of celebrities ventured to Japan to try a variety of foods to review/showcase them. One of the dishes they tried really stood out to me due to its uniqueness. It was a Japanese curry udon with a piped potato cream on top. It looked absolutely delicious and I was already planning to recreate it at home when I saw that Katsuten offered it on their menu. Well, surely I had to try it!

We started off with the Lotus Root Salad. Thinly shaved fried lotus root chips sitting over a bed of shaved onions and dressing. It was quite tasty although I’m not sold on naming it a salad. There’s nothing that shouts salad to me. It’s more like lotus root chips. It was also on the pricier side at $6.50 for the portion.

The Katsu came with a miso soup. This one is pretty standard. It was piping hot with firm pieces of tofu.

This is the Loin Katsu made with Glamorgan Bakery bread crumbs. Now if you haven’t tried Glamorgan Bakery’s famous cheese buns, you’re missing out on some of the best cheese buns hands down. But that’s for another post. Their breadcrumbs added a nice fluffy and crunchy coating to the pork loin. My only disappointment was that the bottom of the katsu was soggy. Shame. The pork itself was quite tender and juicy. The shredded cabbage side was a nice addition topped with a sweet dressing. It almost tasted like apple sauce to me.

Now, the dish I came to try, the Creamy Curry Udon. The server told us to expect hot curry noodles underneath the cold potato cream. I could barely wait to dig in.

The potato cream on top was heavenly. Imagine whipped cream but instead the creamiest potatoes ever. Underneath was a mild curry with udon and vegetables. I ended up mixing it all together and slurping down every last bit of it. That is after I ate a few spoonfuls of the potato cream alone. Simply delightful ! I wished the portion was larger! 

Overall, a tasty meal. I would return for the creamy curry udon however I found the portion sizes to be on the small side. I feel like you would need to order three entrees between two people to fill up. They seemed to be consistently steady through lunch time on a weekday. The restaurant itself is small so I wouldn’t come with a large group. The plus side is that they do have high chairs for those parents dining with young ones. 

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Foreign Concept 

I think the most anticipated restaurant opening in 2016 was Chef Duncan Ly’s Foreign Concept. They opened late 2016 and there was a ton of buzz surrounding the restaurant. There was so much hype and buzz surrounding the restaurant that I was almost afraid to go try it in fear of it falling short of my expectations. Luckily for me, that didn’t happen. Instead, my tastebuds were treated to a wonderful evening of delightful alternative Asian dishes.

We started off with the Angus Beef Striploin Tataki. The plating was beautiful and the taste equally as good. The Asian mustard nuoc cham really opened up my palate and appetite for the rest of the meal.

The Soy Garlic Caramel Roasted Eggplant is a new menu item. We had our hearts set on the scotch eggs however they’re no longer on the menu (queue sad face) so we decided to try the eggplant instead. The soy garlic flavor was very nice paired with the eggplant however I found that the eggplant itself could’ve been a tad more tender.

This Charsiu Pork & Foie Gras Steamed Buns dish was the dish we came to try. It looked simply amazing on all the pictures we’ve seen of it on social media. Now, let me tell you that this dish was everything we dreamed of and more. The bao was fluffy and light. The pork belly was tender and so flavorful in that braising sauce. The foie gras pate was creamy and rich. Plus, you have all the extra condiments and toppings like the nutty samjang sauce, the pickles, daikon, apple pear, basil and mint. Please make sure you get a bit of each component in your bao because it really makes this bao stand out from all the others in Calgary. Each bite is a perfect balance of flavors. If you’re going to try one dish here, this is the one to try.

The Braised Duck Leg Cellophane Noodles was the other dish we came to try. The braised duck leg was incredibly tender and flavorful. The cellophane noodles were coated in the flavorful braising sauce and perfect for slurping. This dish was well prepared and another must try.

We were pretty stuffed at this point and to our surprise Duncan sent us this House-made 5 Spiced Broek Farms Chinese Bacon and White Kimchi Fried Rice to try. It’s topped with an onsen egg, shaved cremini mushrooms and citrus truffle vinaigrette. The smell of truffles was driving me crazy when this dish was set down on the table. Make sure you mix everything together and swirl that egg in the dish. You definitely want to distribute and mix all the different components and flavors together. Each component was cooked well and loaded with umami flavors. Simply scrumptious!

We were more than full at this point but we just had to end our meal on a sweet note. The Vietnamese Coffee Parfait was perfect for us to share. It’s very similar to tiramisu and we really liked how it was only subtly sweet and light.

Overall, we had a great meal here and I was definitely surprised by some of the dishes. The atmosphere is lively and there are large windows all around with lots of natural sunlight. I would not hesitate to return especially for the Charsiu Pork & Foie Gras Steamed Buns.

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