Trib Steakhouse

Trib Steakhouse recently held a 4 week Duck Fest with special menu items dedicated entirely to showcase the duck.  Peaches and I really wanted to try their Duck Poutine, however their duck menu changes every week and we were devastated to see that it wasn’t available during the week we were having dinner there.  Luckily, a quick call from Peaches and they were happy to take our request and make us one to order.


So that’s precisely what we started off with – the Duck Poutine ($21).  I don’t know a single person that doesn’t enjoy eating poutine – fries, cheese curds and gravy – how can anyone resist such a combination?  Over the years, there has been a growing trend in which poutine has been glamorized with various toppings like pulled pork or even more gourmet like foie gras.  I’m not complaining because I quite enjoy poutine, whether it’s jazzed up or just served traditionally.  Trib’s version definitely hit the spot and I was relieved to find that it didn’t taste as heavy.  The duck was tender and the gravy had a slight sweetness to it which paired really well with the duck.  The fries were done well; crispy and fluffy on the inside.  We split this as our main course as the dish was huge.  The server mentioned that he had a table of four from the UK each order this as their main last week.  Wow.  Kudos to them for finishing an entire plate themselves! Continue reading