White Elephant Thai Cuisine


My brother and his girlfriend were interested in trying White Elephant Thai Cuisine and invited me to join them since they knew I wanted to try it as well. We ended up booking our reservations about 2 weeks out because they were so booked up. I had to look around upon stepping foot into the Pointe Inn hotel cause I didn’t see any signs for the restaurant itself. I ventured down the hallway and began to hear the clanging of dishes and chatter. The restaurant itself isn’t the nicest to look at and honestly could use a makeover and some decluttering. I had requested for a high chair when we made our reservations and to my surprise they don’t carry your typical wooden chairs that most restaurants carry. Instead, they have the style of high chair that one would have at home like this. It really wasn’t an issue except that it was super filthy, sticky and covered with grim. I wiped down the tray with a wet napkin and it turned black so I was really hesitant to put my baby in it. I tried anyways but he must’ve known it was filthy because he cried and and refused to sit in it.  A warning for all those moms out there cause you know how it difficult it can be to try to eat with one hand while holding a very active baby with your other arm. Continue reading